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Download Windows Unattended CD Creator free

Dadi Mulyadi | 6/09/2011 01:03:00 pm | 0 komentar

Windows Unattended CD Creator is an excellent programme for creating your own Windows XP installer, completely personalised, with users, security updates, controllers, programmes, etc.

Ones you have specified all options and characteristics, Windows Unattended CD Creator will create an auto-starting ISO image that works the same way that a Windows XP installer CD does, either for 32 bit systems or for 64 bit ones.

Windows Unattended CD Creator is an excellent alternative for network managers, technical support personnel or for the end users that want to have perfect copies of clean operating systems.

Windows Unattended CD Creator allows for eliminating all those applications that the Windows CD has by default but the user does not need and add new applications that could be fundamental for some users.

Main Features:
- Automatically creates an auto-starting ISO image
- Allows for integration of service packs
- Allows for creating user accounts
- Integrates security updates
- Integrates your own programmes, etc.

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